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Listening for Environmental Sounds

Adapted by Melissa Hall, MA, CCC-SP from Kuster, JM. (2009). Do You Hear What I Hear? - Listening Activities, The ASHA Leader, p. 26-27.

*The activity may need to be adapted based on listening experience and age.
Activity Description Website Approx. Age
FindSounds This is a search engine which locates online sounds made by: birds, animals, natural events, household items, musical instruments, holiday events, people, tools, vehicles, and more. All children*
Bananas in Pyjamas A timed animal-sound matching/ concentration activity with easy, hard, or very hard examples.
Great for younger children!
Animal Sounds The participant will listen to an animal sound, and will type the name of the animal heard, from a word bank of 21 animals.
All ages (may need assistance typing the answer)
Who Am I? Sounds made by animals heard at night are played. The participant will guess which animal produced the sound.
All children*
Fisher Price Animal Sounds Game The participant is asked to select which animal they heard, by clicking on their picture.
Great for younger children!
Crickweb Participants identify sounds and sort musical instruments at this website.
Which One Makes the Sound You Hear? This resource has eight animal and musical instrument sounds to match.
Sound-Object Association: Learning to Listen to Sounds This is a learning module for the beginning listener. Great for beginning listeners!
Brain Teasers There are several activities on this website that focus on discriminating non-speech sounds.
Schoolsnet Sounds Game: participants guess what sound is heard
Lotto Game Sounds: participants listen to a sound and then are shown what makes that noise
All children*

Listening for Speech

Activity Description Website Approx. Age
Brain Teasers Multiple activities which focus on discriminating speech sounds, such as Sound Dominoes and Memory.
Alien Scavenger Hunt Participants choose the sounds they hear in the word presented.
School-age (esp. for learning to read)
Fuzzy Lion Ears Game of listening for beginning sounds School-age
Dave Sindrey's Discrimination Cards Consonant cards differing in Final, Initial, and Medial.  Also differ by place, manner, and voicing.   Vowel syllable, and suprasegmental information also targeted. Internet Archive: Sick Kids School-age
Lanolin's Greenhouse Practice listening for beginning word sounds
Pumpkin Patch Practice listening for ending sounds
What Do You Hear? 16 units for discrimination practice of vocabulary and grammar
Sound Discrimination Activities 9 activities developed to distinguish subtle differences in sound
Language Guide Practice in hearing many common vocabulary words through pictures and accompanying audio. School-age

For Fun

Activity Description Website
Dennis Drayna's 
"Distorted Tunes Test"
Listening activity that may demonstrate some challenges with your own auditory discrimination.
Listening Device Learn how to make your own listening device.

Listening Activities for Older Clients

Activity Description Website
General Listening Quizzes 
from Randall's Listening Lab
Everyday conversations with adult and child voices and also asks questions at easy, medium, and difficult levels about what has been said.
Listening Games from English Language Listening Lab Online Several audio examples and asks the listener to choose the correct picture from a selection and answer a question.
Audio Concentration Games Timed and very challenging.

Additional Resources

Activity Description Website Approx. Age
Peter Flipsen Listening Lists for Auditory Bombardment School-age
The Listening Room Provides activities and resources to support the development of speech, language, and listening skills of children, adolescents, and adult cochlear implant recipients. All ages
(including adults) Offers listening quiz makers, an activity wizard, lesson plan materials, and printable activities to use with downloadable audio files and mp3 listening tracks. School-age
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