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vertical line divider Mailing lists, or listservs,  permit multiple-person communications. The sender addresses his message to the list name, and all the people on that list receive the message. When FIRST YEARS students graduate, they are automatically enrolled in the FYGRADS listserv.

There are many professional/organizational listservs you can join. Or, your instructor may set up a locally-generated mailing list. In these, the instructor may automatically subscribe the students. Other times, however, you will have to do the subscribing yourself. Once you are on the list, you can both send e-mail to the list and receive e-mail.

Caution: When you respond to a listserv message, you will be replying to all the listserv subscribers. If you do not want this to happen, change the e-mail address you see in the "TO:" box so that it goes to selected person(s).

Your instructor will give you the names of listservs, if any, you are to join. General instructions for joining are given below. The name of the listserv is designated as listname.
How to ...
Send an email message to: 


The body of the subscription message should look like so: 

subscribe listname your name

To post a message to listname you must send e-mail to the list's e-mail address:


Remember to complete the subject line with a brief indicator of your topic.

Send an email to:


The body of the unsubscription message should look like so: 

    unsubscribe listname

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