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There are several ways to print in Sakai.

sakai print iconprint buttonWhen you see print icons, print buttons,  or "Printable version" in Sakai, printing is easy.

The Course Info (or syllabus) and Modules/Units (or lessons) sections both have print icons.

  • Course Info
printing the syllabus in sakai
  • Modules/Units

  • Printing a module allows you to have a hardcopy of the lesson to use for notetaking and highlighting as you follow the interaction in Sakai. You will want to keep your printed lessons, perhaps in a course notebook. 
printing modules in sakai

  • Calendar/Due Dates 

  • We suggest a by-month calendar printout.
calendar printing
  • The Roster has a right-side print button.
printing the roster
  • Forums
You can print all the postings under a single forum topic (red arrow) or a single posting within a forum topic (green arrow). In the example below, there happens to be only one posting in the Topic Communicating Over the Miles. Again, printing at the Topic level gets you all the postings: you cannot single-out particular postings for printing within the Topic - it is all or nothing! However, once you click on a particular posting, you can print that one out, i.e. you can print singly, one posting at a time.
printing sakai forums

printing framesPrinting "Frames"
Some items appearing in "frames" in Sakai require require some extra printing steps. For example, the Special Helps and Staff Info pages shift into the frame window. 

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox
To print frame material in Firefox, you will need to right-click in the frame itself (if using Windows) to produce a menu (green arrow) where you select "This Frame." Another menu appears where you can select "Print Frame" (red arrow).

Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
 There is no best way to print framed material using Internet ExplorerThis is all the more reason to use the recommended browser - Mozilla Firefox!

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