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vertical line divider download now buttonThe latest version of the Real® Player is "RealPlayer SP." This is free, but a more advanced paid version is available if you desire one. 
  1. Go to the Real® Player website -
  2. Look for the "Download Now" button and click on it.
  3. Clicking this link opens a download dialog box, giving you the option to choose "Save File."  The file name you'll probably see is "RealPlayer.exe" If you see RealPlayerPlus, it's the "pay" version. Saving the file typically downloads it to your default location which, for Windows users, is usually a folder on your "C" drive called "My Downloads" in the "My Documents" folder. 
  4. To install after the download, go to the "My Downloads" folder and double-click on the file name. Follow the directions as they appear.
  5. During the install, click on the "Options" link, and de-select any items you don''t want to install (no "buttons" or any other third-party applications, and don't select RP as your "default" player unless that is really what you want.)
    Great ideaAgain: Do  NOT select any "add-ons" or "freebies." All you need to install is the Player. RealMedia is notorious for bugging you for "free" offers.
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