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vertical line divider All word processing programs, whether on a Mac or PC,  have the ability to open and use a document saved as an RTF ("Rich Text Format") file.  In other words,  think of RTF format as a universal word processor language. Other file formats, such as the .wpd format used by WordPerfect, are only read by the WordPerfect program itself. Patches are available so that other word processors (e.g. Microsoft Word) can read these file formats. But, the availability and use of these is limited. Saving documents you share as Rich Text Format ensures that all your users can open and read your work.

To save a document as RTF, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "File" on the menu, then select "Save As ..."
  2. Click on the "Save As Type" drop down arrow.
  3. Choose "Rich Text Format (*.rtf)" for the file type.
Saving Documents as RTF Files

Depending on the particular word processor you are using,  the steps might vary slightly; but the procedure is basically the same. 

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