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Participating in the Mentorship Experience
  1. The mentorship experience will begin in your second semester in the program.  It will last a minimum of 10 days (80 hours), divided into two sessions. (We try to accommodate the needs of students.  However, we cannot guarantee a specific site.)
  2. The first segment of the mentorship experience must be a minimum of 5 consecutive days onsite at a FIRST YEARS mentoring site.  Participants cannot use their place of employment as a mentorship site.  It is an important facet of learning for the student to observe and participate in a program that provides a model different from the one in which they participate every day.  The student is responsible for all expenses incurred for participation in the mentorship experience.  The student, in coordination with the mentoring site, must arrange housing and transportation.
  3. The second mentorship segment for the remaining 5 days can be completed in these ways: 
    • The mentor can observe the program participant in his/her work setting.
    • The program participant may return to the mentorís site.
    • A combination of both of the above (to be decided by the mentor and student partcipant).
  4. To create a record of competency development across the course of the program, the participant must provide 3 videotapes of intervention sessions: the first, submitted following admission; the second, submitted after the the first week of mentored experience; and the third during the last course.   The objectives of requiring three videotapes include:
    1. obtaining a baseline record of intervention skills;
    2. evaluating changes in intervention over time;
    3. providing written feedback and suggestions; and
    4. ensuring that skills reflect FIRST YEARS minimal competencies upon completion of the certificate.
Below are our documents describing the FIRST YEARS mentorship "first steps"
Becoming a Mentorship Site
FIRST YEARS is developing a list of auditory-oral and auditory-verbal centers and schools willing to act as mentorship sites for students in the certificate program.  The mentorship site will be responsible for identifying a mentor for the student.  Orientation to effective mentoring will be provided by FIRST YEARS.  Students will be required to attend the site for up to 10 days over the period of one year.  They will be expected to have an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired through the FIRST YEARS courses during that time.

To learn more about the student's mentorship requirements, see Participating in the Mentorship Experience.

If your school or center is interested in hosting one or more students during their mentorship experience, please fill out this form below and return it to Kathryn Wilson, Project Director, either by mail or as an email attachment.

Word iconMentorship Site Application (Word, 300KB)
The application is designed to be completed online using Word. 

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