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Every instructional delivery method has its pros and cons; and this certainly applies to distance-delivery. A successful learning match involves pairing the delivery method to the lesson objectives and personal learning styles.

Many of the "cons" of distance learning are the flip side of the "pros." While online education makes courses convenient to a wide variety of people living in very diverse places, there are still accessibility issues: Students must have access to a computer and an Internet provider. They also need to be "computer literate" enough to navigate the Internet, read and send e-mail, and create and attach documents

And ... distance students must be independent, self-directed learners to be successful.

What's Your Style?
There are a number of Web sites with self-tests to determine if you are prepared for distance learning. Two particularly helpful interactive surveys are below: 

  1. Learning Style Survey (from Old Dominion University) 
  2. Is Distance Learning Right for Me? (from Coastal Carolina University)
Both surveys follow the results with suggestions for study strategies adapted to your learning style. Take them and find out how ready you are for distance learning. 
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