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Study any time, any place.Internet technology has not only changed the way the world does business, but also the way it learns. Just think. Any time, any place, any pace, you can interact with instructors and students in a virtual classroom. As long as you can access the World Wide Web, you can go to school!

The asynchronous ("any time, any place, any pace") nature of distance learning gives the time and space for everyone to "think first," then respond to the questions to be discussed or the problems to be solved. And, importantly, without a teacher standing up in the front of the class, the students themselves must take the lead in learning process. Unlike face-to-face classes, students cannot just sit in the back of the classroom and say nothing. Learning online is active, student-centered, instructor-mentored. 

So what does it take to be a successful distance learner? Studies show that students who have done well with distance classes:

  • are highly motivated; 
  • are independent, i.e. self-starters;
  • are active learners; 
  • possess good organizational and time management skills;
  • can adapt to new learning environments;
  • can relate to teachers as facilitators, helpers, or consultants;
  • enjoy collaborating with peers;
  • have the discipline to study without external reminders; and 
  • can diagnose their own learning needs realistically, with help when needed from teachers and peers. 
Are these the words you would use to describe yourself? Take time to learn more about your learning and work style
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